Koriente: An Austin Favorite

Hummus Rolls

Light and Tasty Hummus Rolls

Before I delve into this, VERY belated, restaurant review I wanted to share something with my readers (aka my husband and my family). As part of having a blog on WordPress you get to see the search query people use to get to your site. And today I saw one of the strangest ever. Apparently someone typed “the louvre dave matthews band tallahasse” and found Olive’s Herbs. If someone can explain this to me, please go ahead.What is odd is that I have definitely been to the Louvre, it’s documented in this web site and I did admit at one point that I was from Tallahassee. But something I have never put out there is that I was indeed at one point in my life a devotee to the Dave Mathews Band (as my poor college roommates Candace and Ali can attest to, they still can’t listen to the musical stylings of the jammy and soulful DMB without thinking of me playing “Under the Table and Dreaming” on repeat).  Fortunately for my friends and family I broke that addiction. Just wanted to share.

But enough about me, let’s talk about food.  It’s way more interesting. Recently, okay, maybe more like a month ago I had a fellow foodie in town Tammy Gordon (of adventures of a florida girl in dc fame). I took her to a mixture of Austin area restaurants – some were new and hip and others were my favorites.  One of these favorites was Koriente. On their web site they describe their food as “… delicious Asian inspired dishes that are healthy, affordable, and quick.” What they fail to mention is Koriente is also centrally located and very affordable. It might not be a fancy date night restaurant, but if you are looking for healthy food in a very cute setting this is your place.

Summer Rolls

Equally Light and Tasty Koriente Summer Rolls

That night we started off with a couple of appetizers – hummus rolls and summer rolls. I love both of these super healthy options. The hummus roll is presented like your typical spring roll but with some very untraditional fillings including homemade hummus, avocado, organic greens, red cabbage, cucumbers and carrots.  Diners can choose between  peanut sauce or a spicy red pepper sauce.  The summer rolls are a little more traditional but still there is a little twist. The summer rolls are stuffed with avocados, spiced noodles, carrots, cabbage and greens. The summer rolls are served with a light soy-based sauce that is not too salty and is just right.

Chicken Bulgogi with Steamed Vegetables and Rice

Chicken Bulgogi with Steamed Vegetables and Rice

For entrees Chris picked the very popular spicy chicken bulgogi. This dish is what one of us usually picks when we are there. It is chicken in a spicy traditional Korean marinade. It’s not too spicy, but definitely has a kick. And the steamed veggies and rice are a great complement to the chicken.

Shrimp Delight

Shrimp Delight

I ordered something new for me, which was the shrimp delight. I’ll be honest it was not as good as I had hoped. I still liked it and would order it again. It was just not as flavorful as my fellow dining companion’s choices. The dish is shrimp, carrot, broccoli and mushrooms in a light sauce served over rice.

Koriente Curry with Tofu

Koriente Curry with Tofu

The big winner of the night (at least according to my taste buds) was fellow foodie blogger Tammy. She ordered a superb dish of seared tofu with carrots, onions, potatoes, and button mushrooms topped with a very light curry sauce (not as pungent as the usual curry) on a bed of steamed rice. It was so yummy. I love curry sauces and the tofu was a great texture. I highly recommend this dish.

I would love to somehow tie this blog posting back to the Dave Matthews Band, but alas I am stumped. Perhaps you should make sure to “Crash” into Koriente some time soon, or maybe – I definitely did not see “Ants Marching” anywhere at Koriente, it was a very clean establishment. No, I have it – it’s a “Typical Situation” that I leave Koriente very happy, full and feeling healthy.

2 responses to “Koriente: An Austin Favorite

  1. Ha! Love the DMB puns 🙂 Love reading your entertaining posts!!

  2. This food really good looking at the photos. I am sure that is delicious as it looks.

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